Kimberly Kafka
Kimberly Kafka was raised by two military pilots and a couple of wolves. She published two novels, True North and Miranda’s Vines (Dutton). She lives, writes, edits, and eats very well in Wisconsin thanks to a magnificent family of loving friends. She is not a licensed pilot.
Published Work
True North
For six years Bailey Lockhart has lived alone in the Alaskan bush, supporting herself from the cockpit of a floatplane. She is the only white woman in a land owned by the local Ingalik tribe; her closest neighbor is a fellow bush pilot and activist named Kash. Bailey and Kash are drawn to each other, but their fiercely independent natures keep them apart. When two Easterners hire Bailey to pilot them into the bush, a series of events is set in motion that will upset the delicate racial balance of the land and lead to violence. As the truth behind the couple's arrival becomes apparent, the refuge Bailey has created for herself shatters. Forced to face the demons of her unresolved past, she is given a chance to free herself at last from the secret that haunts her. Marked by spare, resonant prose and imbued with an indelible sense of place, True North tells a powerful story of adventure and survival.
Miranda's Vines
From the acclaimed author of True North comes a moving novel about unexpected destinies and the timelessness of true friendship, set in Oregon’s scenic wine country.
Hailed by reviewers from coast to coast, True North marked the exhilarating debut of Kim Kafka’s writing career. Now Kafka takes us to another captivating corner of the world, as seen through the eyes of a remarkable young mother named Miranda Perry.Miranda has risen to the top of San Francisco’s competitive culinary world, and investors are willing to help her launch her own restaurant. She is also a successful single parent, building an endearing relationship with her little boy, Ruben. But her life suddenly takes a different turn when she learns that her father has died, leaving the family vineyard to Miranda. Returning to Oregon, she leaves city life behind her. An adventuresome lifelong friend, Bridie, soon joins Miranda in Oregon after sustaining a debilitating injury. By returning to their roots, both women find unforeseen healing and hope, while helping each other through the challenges of accepting fate.

Lyrical yet explicitly perceptive, Miranda’s Vines weaves an unforgettable portrait of survival—both physical and emotional—with the rich textures of vineyard life.
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Science fiction from Kimberly, with co-author Alec Julien.
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